Whilst working as an “au pair” for one month in Vigo, I took individual Spanish Classes at Linguamania. I didn’t know much about Vigo before I came here, but  I can say now that it is a city with a lot to offer: fantastic beaches, wonderful countryside and nearby locations to visit such as Santiago, Finisterra and the dunes of Corrubedo. In the city itself there were plenty of things which kept me busy outside working and studying. For me, it was the art galleries I enjoyed most but also the bars, cafés and concerts. I took only 10 hours of classes over a month but I felt I gained a lot from them. It is my opinion that the only way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, in the country in which it is spoken. Alex and Amir have been great. I don’t think they could have been more friendly. They advised me on what to do and see in Vigo, took me out to see the sights and offered me a lot of support during my stay in Vigo.



Linguamania is fabulous! I e-mailed Linguamania a week before I was scheduled to arrive, after another language school neglected to tell me that they had cancelled the course I had enrolled in. Linguamania took up the slack and then some! Communication was fast and efficient and within 2 days the wonderful staff had arranged affordable lodging, someone to meet me at the train station, a gifted, intelligent and charming teacher and an extra excursion, all before I even arrived! One-on-one classes passed quickly and were really enjoyable -combining the perfect amount of rigor and fun and was able to tailor our sessions to include both what I wanted and needed. (And as a language-teacher myself I don't say this lightly!) The facilities at Linguamania are airy, light and comfortable and in a great part of town. The city of Vigo is a great place to stay too - big enough to stay interesting but still very manageable, and the people were as friendly as could be. Linguamania is a great operation, run by kind, smart, efficient and motivated people.I recommend it to all!

J’ai apprécié l’accueil des personnes travaillant à Linguamania. j’ai aussi apprécié les cours et les explications du prof, sa culture de la langue espagnole. J’ai apprécié son écoute et ses supports variés. J’aurais aimé que l’on soit plus nombreux en cours et avoir davantage de jeux de rôle pour pratiquer l’oral. J’ai énormément apprécié ma famile d’accueil et toute sa famille. J’ai aimé le Portugal, Bayona, La Guardia, l’île de Ons et ses dauphins. J’ai aimé l’océan ave ou sans vagues et la côte galicienne. Enfin, j’ai également découvert une nourriture riche et variée: poulpe, couteaux, piments, vin blanc etc..   

Hola, me llamo Nadirene, soy brasileña y profesora de Inglés. Siempre me encantó el idioma castellano entonces decidí venir a Vigo para estudiar en Linguamania. No podría estar más contenta con las clases impartidas por mi profesor Alfredo que es simpático, paciente y muy generoso. Siempre esta disponible para contestar mis dudas. La escuela está bien localizada en el centro. Me gusta conocer la cultura española, los puntos turísticos cercanos a Vigo. La escuela tiene buenas excursiones. Los empleados y la directora son muy amables y están listos para ayudarnos en todo momento. Si quieres aprender a hablar castellano yo les recomiendo Linguamania. 

Me gusta mucho la academia, pero creo que las aulas son pequeñas. Pero aprendí mucho y ahora no tengo miedo de hablar con la gente en español. Para mi es una buena experiencia y recomiendo esta academia. Hice un curso intensivo y otro curso de hora y media. Lo mejor es hacer los dos (¡Si se puede!) ¡Gracias por los cursos!