I did a two week intensive course in Vigo with Linguamania in order to prepare for an oral exam at the UNO (UN Proficiency). The language school quickly organized accommodation at a nice Spanish speaking family for me - a big advantage to continue practicing after the course and learn about Spanish culture. The course program was quickly set up within a short notice and adapted to my language course. Finally, I had private lessons which were not that much more expensive. I did some of the excursions and evening activities which were good fun and again good practice. Vigo and Galicia is an interesting place of Spain I didn't know before. Delicious food, nice beaches, museums, islands and Santiago and other interesting spots not too far away. Easy to get there by plane. For me it worked out to boost my Spanish speaking capacities in a short time to a level which allowed me to easily pass my test. Much easier and pleasant in a nice environment and friendly language school giving its best to contribute to the success of the student than sitting at home trying to memorize something which you have to practice in the country.