Great school, great teachers, great experience!
 I need Spanish for my work, and was looking for a mixture of building up my grammar and practice speaking and understanding spoken Spanish. Antía very ably combined both, helping to shore up the holes in my structural knowledge and addressing the interaction part with entertaining material on Spanish culture, all the while with lively interaction with the students getting equal time to speak.    We watched short films (with subtitles carefully written up by Antía before the class to help with the difficult parts) and internet video segments, listened to radio extracts and discussed local heritage and literature, all with the help of corresponding written material.   I really felt that the teacher and the administrator had listened to my needs and had adapted the course-work to suit. This both for the private class and for the group class. A rare thing! I have to say I really liked the exposure to Spanish culture and have developed a new appreciation for the beauty of the language and the Spanish culture.  I have also come away with an interest in Spanish cinema, and am looking forward to exploring the works of some of the directors that Antía recommended. Apart from the school work, the coffee breaks were very enjoyable – fresh air and a chance to practice Spanish in an informal setting with teachers and other students. And interesting excursions too organized by the school to local points of interest. If you go, don’t miss the Islas Ciés. Really special!